The power of personalized stationery

Stationery is a super powerful tool that everyone should have in their office arsenal. But add personalization to the mix and you are really taking it up a notch. Personalized items show that you took the time, effort, and in many cases additional cost to have the item custom made for you. Stationery requires effort and time to send out and creates a physical representation of your relationship with the recipient and helps establish a connection with others. Put them together and you have an amazing social tool!

Good for business

If you have a business, no matter how small, having personalized stationery made is wise. As a small business owner, it is pretty common (or should be!) to write letters to clients, and a great way to stand out and say “I am a professional and I know what I am doing” is by having quality personalized stationery. This goes for letterhead sheets you can use for printing invoices or formal letters too. Don’t have a logo or brand yet? That is totally ok! You can pick a design that captures the tone and essence of your business and use that till you get all the design bits sorted out.

Great for job interviews

My sister is just about to graduate college and is on the job search circuit. She has been going to LOTS of interviews and what does she do right after? She sends them thank you cards on personalized stationery that I made for her. Writing a thank you note after an interview on stationery that captures your personality will help potential employers remember you and show them that you know what you are doing. It doesn’t have to be a stuffy, boring design either. You want to choose something that speaks to the job position you are applying for. In my sister’s case, she is interviewing for a job as a designer, so she chose something more modern and fun that captured her personal style. You are your own brand!

It shows people who you are

Just like with post interview thank you notes, using personalized stationery in everyday life shows people who you are and allows them to see your personality through both what you say and what you say it on. If you ever got a letter from me, you would know right away that I love pink (and use it for EVERYTHING) and fun script fonts. 

It shows that you care

Personalized cards show that you are on your correspondence game enough to think ahead and order something custom made. AND the act of taking time out of your day to think about a person, sit down, write them a note, then go through the trouble of putting it in the mail show you really wanted to show them you care. Personalized cards pull double duty in this area!

It gives the recipient a physical token to hold onto

When someone sends you a really touching thank you email, it means a lot! But once you are done reading it, it either gets deleted or just stuck in one of your inbox folders and never read again. Physical cards give your recipient something they can save and maybe even display. It gives them the opportunity to reread your kind words and feel the positive emotion they had the first time you read it. After all, what people remember about an experience is how it made them feel - less the actual thing itself. So by sending a physical card, you are giving them that over and over again!

Not sure where to start?

I've got you covered!! Click below to start shopping my collection of designs for all ages and purposes. You can quickly narrow down your search using the filters to find the perfect design for you. If you have any questions please don't be shy!

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