5 Reasons Personalized Gifts Are So Powerful

If you have ever received a personalized gift you know how exciting it is! And you were probably more excited about the personalization than the actual item, am I right? That is because personalized gifts have the power to take the gift giving ritual to a whole new level. Here are 5 reasons why personalized gifts are just better!

1. Adds personal connection

Personalized gifts show that you know and considered the recipient in a deeper way than just grabbing something random from the store that could be given to anyone. It’s a physical representation of your relationship and proof that person really cares about you. We all want to be seen, known and loved and personalization shows you care about what makes the recipient unique.

2. Turns a simple gift into an extraordinary one. 

Personalized gifts often become keepsakes, or short of that, are used far more than non-personalized gifts. And they will think of you each time they use it! Personalization also turns a functional gift (like, ahem, stationery) into a fun one!

3. Shows you actually thought about them.

We all know that having a personalized gift made requires extra time, planning, and in some cases cost to have created in advance of when it is needed. So having something personalized shows you care enough to go through the trouble and thought of them way before the gift was needed. It also shows they actually THOUGHT about what you would like! Rather than just popping into the store and grabbing a bunch of bath products that they threw into a gift bag.

4. Good feelings

Personalized gifts evoke a feeling in the receiver - whether you personalized with something funny, sentimental or shocking - all will create a feeling in the person it is meant for. Humans are way more likely to remember how something made them feel, that the thing itself. So the feeling they get when they first get the gift and then every time they use it will stick with them forever.

5. Works for every occasion

Ok this is the most boring reason - but also one of my biggest reasons for personalizing anything and everything. Personalizing an item can make it work for just about any occasion. Think of a personalized cutting board. A plain cutting board would just be weird, but probably only good as a housewarming gift. Now think of a personalized gift - it can be for a wedding, bridal shower, birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas...the list goes on! 

Bottom line? Personalized gifts say “YOU ARE SPECIAL TO ME!”

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