Meet Brooke

As a small business owner, I started out super cutting out each card out by hand with an exacto knife small. Yeah, glad that is over!!! In the beginning it was just my business, but it eventually grew large enough that my husband John joined me full time. Then the work of production and a new baby outstripped what we could handle on our own. Enter - Brooke. I found her at the local starbucks working her butt off as a barista and shift manager. She was efficient, smart and took no crap from anyone. It was perfect. I asked if she was looking for a second job and she was! I hired her on the spot and she has been with me for 2 years now. She has become my right hand as an assistant and is now my production manager and helps with printing, cutting, and coordinates the packaging employees we have recently hired. I could not have asked for a better "first mate" as she likes to be called aboard the Curio Press ship :)

In her own words.....

"Most people identify me as the barista, the animal lover, or the girl with the jeep, which are all a part of my daily life. My life runs on coffee and snuggles from my babies (a beagle and an Anatolian/husky mix). If I had to choose my favorite hobby it would probably be hiking or reading - or hiking to a great reading spot. I am a nerd for sexy, drama filled novels. I also LOVE food, I don't count my calories, I don't watch my weight, and I won't ever apologize for my love of chicken and waffles. So yeah, that's me in a nutshell :)"

Oh and she hates hugs - hence the photo!!! But I love her and am grateful she chose to join me on this crazy business journey. 


  • Cynthia Quintanilla

    I liked your to your “Meet My Assitant-Brooke”. It’s lovely to hear your story how you met and what you both are doing now. I appreciate the work you do in producing amazing stationery at a great price. I love your products which keeps the post office busy in my part of the word. Thank you. Happy New Year.

  • Cheryl Faxon. (Omi)

    I fell in love with Brooke (Boo) the moment she came into this crazy world and she’s held my heart in her hands ever sInce. She is the first of my precious grandchildren, and she continuously amazes me with her strength of spirit, her creativity and her appreciation of the sheer beauty of life.

  • Amy Florez

    Brooke is my niece, and she is amazing in so many ways.

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