How to make the perfect card keepsake!

Holidays, Birthdays, Graduation, Celebrations, Life Events, Weddings, Condolences  and the list goes on. For many, if not all, of these we receive a card, but what do you do with them after you receive them? Many of us keep for the day, the week, maybe a month, some may put in a box and before you know it there are cards from years ago. It is so special if you are one of those sentimental people to look through all the cards you have received over the years for different moments in your life. 

As many of us are on the “organization” train here is a simple yet effective way to store those memories in an organized way. It is super easy and only a couple of supplies are needed…

  1. 3 ring binder, any size you need
  2. Hole punch
  3. All your keepsake cards

The steps are simple, grab your cards and punch a hole in a place where the message written to you is not compromised. Then place the card on one of the 3 rings! Easy as that! For those of you who are really organized and the thought of several years of cards just being thrown into a binder gives you hives, then organize it even further. These binders can be made for children, you can put tab dividers to separate for the year and/or event, there can even be binders for each calendar year! The organizational ideas are endless but all and all it is a clever idea to keep those NOTEWORTHY moments in a special place. 


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