Monogram How-To Guide

What is a monogram? 

A lot of people refer to any personalization as a monogram, but technically, a monogram consists of a combination of initials - usually first, middle and last name. Monograms can be confusing since there are several ways to do them, and very specific etiquette for ordering and sizing. This guide should help you avoid any monogram faux-pas!


Single Letter Monogram Guide Curio Press

Single Letter Monogram

Traditionally, the first letter of the last name is used for single letter monograms. But it has become very common to use the first letter initial in recent times. It is best to consider the person you are purchasing for and what you think their preference would be. There is a 50-50 split on the letter preference with our orders - half of people use the first and the other half use the last. 

Single letter monograms are also versatile because you can use one letter for a whole family, then list the names below. 


Three Letter Monogram Guide Individuals Curio Press

Traditional Three Letter Monogram
For Individuals

For an individual, the last name initial is larger in the center with the first name initial on the left, and middle initial on the right.


Three Letter Individual Monogram Curio Press

Alternative Three Letter Monogram
For Individuals

All three initials are the same size and in the order they appear in the name (first, middle, last). 


Two Letter Individual Monogram Guide Curio Press

Two Letter Monogram
For Individuals

This is great if you don’t have a middle name. It is just the first and last initial in order - both the same size.


Four Letter Monogram Individuals Guide Curio Press

Four Letter Monogram for Double Middle or Last Name
For Individuals

If you have multiple middle or last names, keep them in the order they appear in your name and all the same size. 


Couples traditional three letter monogram guide curio press

Traditional Three Letter Monogram
For Couples

Just like the individual monogram, the last name is larger in the center. The woman’s first name initial is smaller on the left and the man’s is on the right.


double last name monogram for couples guide curio press

Double Last Name Monogram for Couples
When both individuals keep their last names

Just like the traditional monogram, but with the addition of her last name initial after her first name initial. The two last name initials will be larger in the center.


Need a handy chart to save to your Pinterest! Look no further!

Monogram How-To Guide Curio Press

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