7 Creative Uses for Stationery

When most people think of stationery notecards they think of thank you notes and if you mention notepads, all they think of are to-do lists. But here are some creative ways to use both stationery sets and individual cards that have nothing to do with putting them in the mail. 

1. Placeholders at a party

I have clients do this often around the holidays. Use either a single card or a whole set of stationery with your guest’s name on it to mark where they will be sitting. 

2. Hostess gifts or party favors

Stationery sets and notepads make great hostess gifts for bridal and baby showers. You can choose a themed design that matches your party decor and they can be styled to be a part of the decor till you hand them out at the end!

3. Gift enclosure cards

Tired of buying a birthday card for EVERY kid’s party you need to go to? Just get a set of kid themed cards with your child’s name on them and then just have your child write a little note or draw a picture on it, before slipping it into the envelope and into the gift bag. Easy peasy.

4. Teacher gifts 

It never hurts to prime the teacher to like your kid at the start of the school year! And bonus, if you give the teacher a notepad at the start of the year, she can use it all year and will think of your family with each use.

5. Recipe cards

Flat cards double as recipe cards so you can create a collection of family faves that you can pass down to your kids, or record nana’s secret recipes to take home with you.

6. Open when letters

Ever heard of an “open when” letter? It’s where you write out a series of notes to a loved one or couple, and then seal them in the envelopes, and give instructions for when each letter should be opened. An example for a newly married couple would be, “open after your first fight” or “open on your first anniversary”. Then each note can include an encouraging, heartfelt message from you. It makes a super personal, high impact, low cost gift.

7. Lunch notes

My mom put a note in my lunch everyday as a kid. I always looked forward to seeing what it would say that day. Most of the time it was just how much she loved me, or she would remind me of something great about me to boost my confidence. Other times it would be a reminder to go home with a friend after school or to ask my teacher a question. 

All our designs can be customized to work in all these scenarios! Have any amazing, and unexpected uses that are not included here?

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  • Mrs. Q

    Technology has made all of us so out of touch with one another. As a former teacher I enjoy your words of wisdom that you share. Thank you for passing them along to younger (and older) generations. I love your designs very much. Regards.

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