5 ways lists keep me sane

List making is an essential part of my day and probably the tool I can point to most, for maintaining productivity as a business owner and busy mom. Here are 5 ways lists keep me sane and keep me moving.

Anxiety reduction:

I have an OCD tendency of repeating things over and over in my head out of fear I will forget them. So writing it down allows me to get it out of my head and feel sure that it is kept someplace where I wont lose track of it. 

Prioritization and categorization:

Writing down everything I can think of that needs to be done allows me to sort things into multiple categories. The two main ones are “personal” and “business” - then I create subcategories within those based on urgency and what is going on that day. I also generally make an additional short list of things I absolutely must accomplish that day. This way I can make sure I get those essentials done, then anything additional is a bonus. 

The satisfaction of crossing it off:

The feeling I get when I cross something off is amazing. If I complete something that wasn’t on my list I will often actually add it just so I can get the pleasure of crossing it off. It just feels good. It represents progress and accomplishment.

Breaking things down into smaller tasks: I typically have a hierarchy to my to-do list where larger items are broken down into several subtasks. This way I can make progress toward a larger goal and still see progress as I move forward. If the task it too big it can feel too daunting to start. This helps prevent procrastination and helps me be more productive.

Helps me delegate:

There used to be a time where I tried to do everything myself and felt guilty asking for help. Now, once I have a list I am able to evaluate which tasks I can delegate to others (John & my employees) and which tasks I can make into family or me and Emma chores. 

I rewrite my list every 2-3 days. I find it really fun to create a new, clean list without the things that have been accomplished. New things get added, but when the list gets small enough, I can visually see that it is a good time to take a break or have a little extra family time without it putting me behind. My list is never “done” because it is constantly being added to and subtracted from. 

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How do lists help you stay sane? 

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