Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!! I am Alexis - the maker behind Curio Press. This crazy ride started 5 years ago as just a simple way for me to create the stationery I love and MAYBE make a little money doing it. It has since grown to a full time gig that supports include family (and my husband works for the business full time too!), a full time assistant, and a couple part time gals. We moved 3 times since starting (NY to CT, CT to MA, then MA to MO) and hope to stay put a while as we make new friends, raise our daughter and put down real roots in this fun city of Saint Louis.

This blog will probably change a lot along the way but I hope to share some behind the scenes, things that inspire me a some resources for making Emily Post proud in your everyday lives. I look forward to sharing this #momboss life with y’all!



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