Meet the owner: Alexis Austin

Alexis standing in studio in frolont og colorful envelopes with box of light pink envelope sin hand

Hello there!! I’m Alexis Austin, the founder, lead designer, and boss mom behind Curio Press. Most days you can find me in a tank top and yoga pants, in my studio, designing and printing stationery. If I’m not there, you will catch me spending quality time with my family and our two dogs, learning ways to help my body deal with my autoimmune disorders, or decorating our new home (designed it myself!) and sharing/blogging about it.

Since starting Curio Press in 2013, I have become known for creating beautiful stationery and amazing customer service. Little secret? I also have an obsessive personality…but I use that to give my clients the best experience and product possible!

I feel so lucky to have a job where I can help clients connect with others through the timeless art of pen and paper. I believe stationery should convey your unique style and make an impact for the recipient whether you are sending a letter or giving the set as a gift. Mundane tasks like jotting notes or making grocery lists can also bring joy when you have paper that makes you smile!

If you are dying to hear more, check out my non-Curio Instagram and blog (@alexisandraaustin) for posts about things like home decor, building, motherhood, and living with chronic illness. 

See you soon!

Meet our team


Brooke is my right hand gal and full-time, production manager. She is in charge of making sure your order gets printed, packed and out the door.

She loves dogs, great burgers and all things Jeep. When she is not at work, you can find her working on home improvement projects or enjoying the sun and going camping.


Brandy is our part-time production assistants and a working momma to a darling little girl!

Brandi loves listening to podcasts and researching health topics to help her deal with her own autoimmune issues.


A designer and a small business ower herself LaTasha brings a can do attitude along with passion for design and print to help create an expansive stationary catalog.

When she is not designing you will find her hiking with her dog, puzzeling, or reading and soaking up the sun.