You’ll never be ready…Do it anyway

Ever struggle with finally taking the plunge? I am very good at jumping into the deep end and learning to swim on the fly. But the actual jump is what holds me up – I want to wait for the perfect moment or until I feel like I am ready. But little secret…you probably won’t ever feel 100% ready!! As a business owner, mom, and chronic illness sufferer, I can tell you that I have never been ready for any of the major life changes that I have experienced. But I did it anyway with as much grace and patience as I could muster.

And you know what? I ALWAYS thank my past self for what she did and am impressed with her fortitude and foresight. So the next time you are feeling like it’s just not the perfect time to pursue your dream or make something happen in your life, think to yourself “You’ll never be ready…do it anyway”.

Click to download a printable, high resolution 8×10 pdf to frame and hang so you never forget!

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