COVID-19 Update: We are OPEN! What we are doing...

What a couple weeks it's been, huh?! It feels like time is in slow motion because so many things change each day in response to COVID-19. We are a small, family business and have been feeling the impacts in our lives and the lives of our 3 employees. Buying stationery is not top of list for most people and it has given us a break to put new sanitation measures in place and make plans for the uncertainty of the next few weeks or months.

Our studio is based in Missouri, USA and we have not, as of this email, seen community spread in our area yet. Everything we ship is made right here - we either lease or own all our own equipment. That means added security for you since we will not experience delays from other companies being impacted OR contamination from sites we have no control over. We buy all our supplies in bulk and stocked up heavily in late 2019, which has turned out to be a super smart move and means orders are continuing to ship as promised, within the 1-2 business day production period. 

Within the studio we have implemented several new safety and sanitation measures, just like so many other small businesses operating online. Your safety is my number one priority. And as a side note, I am an extremely high risk individual because I am immunocompromised and have asthma. So my family is taking the extreme end of precautions to protect my health and you will also benefit from that. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all during this time and we will keep you updated as anything changes on our end. Stay safe and healthy!

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